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Pre-Monitoring Operation to the Oronui and Mangatutara

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Deep in te Raukūmara at the Oronui and Mangatutara sites pre-monitoring mahi is well underway. While the unsettled summer weather has presented challenges to getting teams in and out of the ngahere to do this work, the most recent trip provided an opportunity for an enjoyable overnight stay.

The crew made it out safely before the rain came in and we discovered that the rat tunnels didn't stand a chance against the possums, as the possums had eaten all the peanut butter before any rats could get to them.

This tells us that the issue of possums is even worse than we thought.

On the plus side this is really awesome for us to understand what we are dealing with here. Our new kaimahi loved their night in the hut and came out with lots of learnings to share.

We are really proud of all our kaimahi over the past few weeks from inductions to trainings and navigating through the taiao world as kaimahi for Raukūmara Pae Maunga. One thing we’ve learnt is that ensuring the wellbeing of our kaimahi is a high priority and that we need to allow space for us all to grow.

We are soo proud of you and most importantly, you should be proud of YOU!

Pōmarie whānau!

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