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Engagement / By strengthening whānau, we will strengthen our unity, whenua, water, maunga and our ngahere.

Our mana is drawn from our connection to our homelands, our values, beliefs and understandings, our whanaungatanga (relationships), our ability to engage, adapt and challenge, to build networks and to remain committed to what we know is right. 

The iwi who are kaitiaki to this rohe are central to the recovery of te Raukūmara. Haukāinga are integral to the success of this kaupapa: they determine the tikanga, set the tone and keep us all safe. So first, we build this kaupapa from within, on our marae, at our kura and in hui wānanga.

The story of this ngahere needs to be told, firstly for ngā iwi o te Raukūmara and after that, for everyone else. We let whānau with proximity, experience, mana and mātauranga as well as tohu and qualifications lead us. The experts we invite in will be our trusted sources of information to help us tell stories of our ngahere with integrity. In this way we can help ourselves re-connect, take the time required for deep kōrero and to grow broad understanding and wide support for this mahi. 

After this, we will draw in external support. By taking our messages to the world, via traditional and social media, we engage with those who want to tautoko, awhi, koha or make a positive contribution to our kaupapa. We will look to work with, support and learn from other indigenous communities and environmental and conservation-based partners who can help us achieve our goals.

In this way, we will strengthen our whānau and this will in turn strengthen our unity and connection to our whenua, our water, our maunga and our ngahere.

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