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Te Pae Maunga / Our vision is to restore the mana and the mauri of the ngāhere and biodiversity of the Raukūmara Maunga

Our Māori worldview is encapsulated by the principle of whakapapa. Every intention and every concept is connected to the relationships that extend from who and where we are. Whakapapa means deeply understanding the issues of our community, of the distinct relationships of whenua and people, and building out from there. 

Our mana is drawn from our connection to our homelands. From our values, beliefs and understanding. From whakawhanaungatanga. From our ability to engage, adapt and challenge. Our mana is drawn from our ability to build networks and remain committed to what we know is right. 

Internationally, there is growing recognition that indigenous-led conservation plays a critical role in biodiversity protection. However, in Aotearoa New Zealand, we are forced to operate within a complex arena of presumptions that are deeply embedded in a dominant Pākehā conservation practice. This requires us to constantly centre our people in all aspects of this kaupapa. Where mainstream conservation works from the outside in, using tired phrases like “consultation” and a value system that asserts “trust us, we know best”, the Raukūmara Pae Maunga is led by our people, for our people. From the inside, out. For the benefit of us all.

No one person, hapu, iwi, or agency has what is going to be required to achieve our goal. Our commitment to truth, integrity, transparency and whakapapa provides the best opportunity to take all of our people - those who whakapapa here, as well as those who love this place - on this critical journey to save the Raukūmara. 

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