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Bringing kiwi back to te Raukūmara

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

In early June our team took the long journey to Taranaki where we met the wonderful people of Muru Raupatu pah ki Puketapu. We were hosted by our friends at Save the Kiwi, an organisation dedicated to protecting and preserving one of Aotearoa taonga species, te kiwi.

This hui allowed kiwi practitioners, predator hunters and experts in climate change and conservation projects to share knowledge and understand one another’s conservation mahi.

“It's inspiring to see such a wide range of organisations across our country taking initiatives to protect our taonga,” says Rangi Wharepapa, Communications and Engagement Manager.
“Te Raukūmara is home to a handful of kiwi and there’s a really good indication that we will be able to grow that population sooner than you know, with the combined conservation efforts and lots of aroha, we can do this whānau”.

The ultimate goal is to have a thriving ngahere, grow our people, protect our taonga species.

Throughout the hui we were able to engage in a wide range of activities, workshops, and presentations. Experts shared their invaluable insights into kiwi behavior, habitat conservation, and innovative conservation practices. The learnings encompassed the latest research findings, conservation success stories, and the challenges we face in ensuring the survival of these tino taonga.

We acknowledge all the many years of work that have helped us get to where we are today and the mahi of people who have passed, and who stand behind us today for this kaupapa today and into the future.

He mihi aroha ki a koe e te Rangitira Louis Rapihana, he mihi aroha ki a koutou.

Watch our beautiful video here:

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