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Raukūmara Pae Maunga

Raukūmara Pae Maunga / Our vision is to restore the mana and the mauri of te Raukūmara

Born to this place, Ngati Porou and Te Whānau-a-Apanui are bound together by a shared whakapapa, and a ngahere that stretches from the peaks of our maunga, down our whenua to our coastlines, and out to our moana.

For decades we have endured the painful existence of watching this ngahere decline. Te Raukūmara is now on the edge of ecological collapse.

Unsuppressed pest plant and animal invasion has wreaked havoc on the delicate, unique and precious native ecosystem that used to sustain us all. Ongoing onslaught from deer, possums, rats, stoats, as well as introduced plants and other problems, has pushed many of our taonga species to the brink of extinction.

In establishing the Raukūmara Pae Maunga kauapapa, we put our differences aside to fight for the rākau, manu, awa, and whenua that have nurtured, protected and sustianed us for generations. We are committed to doing what it takes to save and protect our prized shared taonga: te Raukūmara. We invite all who care about this indigneous-led conservation and the protection of te taiao to join us in this mammoth task.

The Raukūmara Pae Maunga kaupapa is an iwi-led response to the crisis on our back doorstep. It will require every one of us to work together to pull our ngahere back from the edge of extinction. We must focus on what our ngahere needs, what it asks of us, and how we can provide what is required to achieve the ecological and cultural restoration and revitalisation of the Raukūmara.

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