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Facts and Information / Find out about introduced pests and how 1080 is helping restore the mauri of Raukūmara

The ngahere of Raukūmara is on the edge of collapse right now. It may already be too late. Timing is critical and there is no time to spare. 1080 is the quickest, most efficient tool we have available with the greatest likelihood of being able to save the ngahere. Nothing else will work quickly enough, or be as cost-efficient, or has any hope of being as successful. Read facts about 1080, where it is being applied, how it is being managed and the benefits for our biodiversity and native species.




Your Ultimate FAQ quide and information station on 1080


Map of predator control area


Updates about predator control and 1080 applications 


How to make sure your dogs are safe and looked after. You can order a kuri muzzle here.


Read this detailed PDF with facts and frequently asked questions about 1080

Using a Touch Phone
Reporting Hotline

Call us if you see animal carcasses:

Ngāti Porou: 

027 223 0727

Te Whānau ā Apanui: 
027 325 9380

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